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Rick Moen rick at
Mon Jan 28 23:36:14 UTC 2008

Quoting Ben Tilly (btilly at

> I like the question, but not the way you put the answer.  Here are a
> series of questions and answers on this topic.

More fundamentally, I fail to see, really, what his questions and
answers have particularly to do with OSI in the first place.

Much of what Terekhov seems to have posted lately, judging by people's
quoted excerpts from his posts, seems to have amounted to some sort of
"Let's you and him fight" reference to passages in an FSF/Stallman
article or interview that discusses "relicensing".

If OSI were a cleverly disguised public interface that can be used to
talk to FSF, then talking to OSI about material in FSF articles/interviews 
would make sense.  But it isn't.  In the alternative, if Terenkov is
aiming to talk to FSF, he would seem to have poor directional

Overall, I've not seen, in that quoted prose, anything that particularly
concerns OSI at all.  The time you spend debating the stuff he posted is 
yours to lose, but do remember that you'll never get it back!

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