License committee report for January 2008

Rick Moen rick at
Sun Jan 27 21:24:58 UTC 2008

I wrote:

> FWIW:  To the extent Russ's summary might be termed abrasive, my personal
> opinion is that he had his grit level set commendably fine -- around
> "00" or so -- such that I personally found Dag-Erling's complaint on the
> far side of disproportionate.

...except, on the other hand, that the sentence "We just decided that
Ernie has more patience with morons" _does_, IMVAO, qualify as a
gratuitous finishing stroke with a #2 rasp.

In an ideal world, Russ would have written that sentence, sat back with
a cup of coffee to admire its splendid effect in his MUA edit buffer,
and then removed it before sending.

(I once heard the late author Poul Anderson give his explanation for
Vikings having settled down, ceased to become the scourge of Europe,
and turned into fairly quiet, nice people:  They finally reached the
gates of Vienna and got their long-sought coffee fix.  Might be that
Viking-descendant Russ was suffering from a momentary caffeine-jones

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