License committee report for January 2008

Russ Nelson nelson at
Sun Jan 27 20:56:39 UTC 2008

Chuck Swiger writes:
 > Russ Nelson wrote:
 > > Dag-Erling Smorgrav writes:
 > [ ... ]
 > > "The submittor has refused to change the name of his submission:"
 > >
 > Can we get some additional feedback from the members of the OSI board about 
 > whether they truly wish to rename the submission to the "FreeBSD License"?

It's a moot point since both the Simplified BSD License and FreeBSD
License are now both covered by the New BSD License template.

 > However, it's not clear how being abrasive to license submittors without 
 > strong cause

An accusation of "gross misrepresentation" isn't a strong cause?

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