Convert GPL to MPL

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Fri Jan 18 22:04:28 UTC 2008

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> Objet : Re: Convert GPL to MPL
> Philippe Verdy scripsit:
> > You did! The derivative work B by definition contains elements of A
> owned by
> > Alice. So Bob cannot be the full owner of B!
> "To contain elements of A" is not the same as "to be A".  The author of
> a derivative work male under license is the the copyright owner of that
> work, and may (for example) sue for infringement without the involvement
> of the owner of the original work.

No. Alice also owns the derivative work made by Bob. (Bob may only claim
ownership on its own modifications, and only those, but Bob also has to
grant a GPL licence on those modifications to anyone including Alice).

If Bob pretends to be "the" owner of B, then Bob is abusing Alice's rights:
Bob becomes a GPL violator.

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