OSI enforcement?

Russ Nelson nelson at crynwr.com
Sat Jan 12 00:29:18 UTC 2008

Philippe Verdy writes:
 > The OSI is clearly an independent split of the movement initially
 > created, popularized and supported by the FSF.

<sarcasm>Which is why "Free Software" is the preferred term for "Open
Source".  That's why you have "Free Software Radio" and "Free Software
Cola" and "Free Software Hardware".  It's this popularization that the
Open Source movement split away from.  The problem with Open Source is
that you always have to qualify it with the famous beer comparison:
It's "Open" as in open bottle of beer, not "closed" as in closed
bottle of beer.</sarcasm>

But even without needing to be sarcastic, consider that RMS
acknowledged in the Steven Levy book _Hackers_ that he was trying to
keep alive something that OTHERS HAD CREATED.  Not the FSF.

 > It's clearly the supporters of closed proprietary schemes trying to divide
 > the movement, like they have already done against by severely impacting the
 > "public domain" (which was popular in the 1970's and the early 1980's)

Mmmmmm, I think that you'll find that the public domain is still
around, e.g. Daniel J. Bernstein's recent declaration of all of his
code as public domain.  People generally want more control over
acknowledgement than you can get from the public domain.  Giving
credit is how we pay for our software, and people want a legal
requirement to get that payment.

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