OSI enforcement?

John Cowan cowan at ccil.org
Fri Jan 11 03:30:18 UTC 2008

Philippe Verdy scripsit:

> Over Internet, it is most often the case that sources and binaries are
> conveyed separately; in practice, only the producers of CDROMs/DVDROMs are
> not required to give a written offer, if they deliver or sell both the
> source and binary on the same support media (note that when they sell
> support medias, they often have to replace them with an identical copy in
> the case it would be unreadable, whatever the licence or content they put on
> these supports, however too few customers use this right).

If you offer binaries by offering the right to copy them from a given
place, and if you offer the sources by offering the right to copy from
the same place (with a liberal definition of "same"), it is considered
to be a joint offer, and no written offer is required.

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