DRAFT FAQ: Free vs. Open

John Cowan cowan at ccil.org
Thu Jan 10 04:09:45 UTC 2008

Raj Mathur scripsit:

> I wouldn't agree that conditions on how software should be available 
> necessarily imply how it should be developed.  It is certainly possible 
> to take a cathedral approach to software development, and finally 
> release the application as FOSS.  Can't think of any examples right now 
> off the top of my head though :)

<snob>Many small projects are cathedrals, or at any rate chapels.  My own
open-source project, TagSoup[*], is released under an open-source license,
but although people send me patches, I have rarely been able to use them
directly, preferring to solve the problem in a more general fashion.
(The main exception was an interface from Sun's JAXP to TagSoup.)
The code is delicate and interdependent, and I don't choose to have other
people muck with it directly, though of course they are free to fork it.

As a consequence, I release rarely (six months between TagSoup 1.1.3
and TagSoup 1.2, which I just released), make sure all known bugs are
fixed before each release, give no one access to the current trunk,
etc. etc.</snob>

Nevertheless, TagSoup, though it departs hugely from the so-called Open
Source development methodology, *is* an Open Source project; in the
end, all source code is freely available under a license that complies
with the OSD (currently Apache 2.0), and that's all that is required.
The original cathedral/bazaar contrast, as explicated in ESR's paper,
was about two different styles of free software development, and had
nothing to do with proprietary software at all, a fact that seems to be
little remembered today.

<plug>[*] TagSoup is a parser written in Java that accepts nasty, ugly
HTML and outputs SAX XML events representing a corresponding well-formed
(but not necessarily valid) XHTML document.</plug>

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