OSI enforcement?

Robin 'Roblimo' Miller robin at roblimo.com
Tue Jan 8 17:43:05 UTC 2008

Chris DiBona wrote:
> Hey Robin;
> It's been shortened to OS :-) But they really are different domains.
> Chris (state department circa 1992)

Well... that's State. I was talking about *real* intelligence agencies. :) *

Moot in any case. The service mark is easier to protect, and I believe
the moral/branding force is more important than legality here.  A nice
jingle with the tagline/close "OSI... means freedom" would do more good
than 1000 lawyers dictating briefs to 10,000 legal secretaries at an
hourly rate of 500 EU/hour.

- Robin

* I get to knock State to Chris because we're old friends and former
coworkers, plus interagency ribbing is an old US gov't tradition. Do
*not* take this as hostility.

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