Trademark Law Re: OSI enforcement? (Was Re: Microsoft use of the term "Open Source")

Ernest Prabhakar ernest.prabhakar at
Tue Jan 8 16:14:22 UTC 2008

Rick & Philippe,

On Jan 7, 2008, at 10:14 PM, Philippe Verdy wrote:

>> So, I conclude that you're very likely still in need of fundamental
>> study on this subject, and really should do that before giving OSI
>> recommendations on it.
> Stop hammering against me publicly please. You're not qualified to  
> give
> personal opinions about me as I don't know you and you don't know me
> personnally.
> I have NOT given recommendations to the OSI, we are giving opinions  
> on this
> list, the OSI can make its own decisions.

I appreciate both your efforts, but I think we've passed from "light"  
to "heat" on this topic.  Let's give it a time out for now, to give  
everyone a chance to digest all this.  This is clearly an important  
(if contentious) issue, but we've probably exhausted how much we can  
learn in a forum like this.  That's why the OSI has a Legal Advisory  
Board. :-)

--- Ernie P.
License Discuss Moderator

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