Open Source Licenses and Embrace-Extend-Extinguish

Matthew Flaschen matthew.flaschen at
Thu Feb 14 17:49:22 UTC 2008

Arnoud Engelfriet wrote:

> Right. The more common way to enforce this type of restriction is
> to tightly control access to the specification doc and only release
> it to people who sign a contract promising to adhere fully to the
> spec and nothing else. And of course to keep the spec confidential.

But that doesn't prevent people that never see the spec doc from 
reverse-engineering it.  You have no way to control them, except 
patents, trademark, or DMCA.  Anyway, I think all of this is contrary to 
OSI's purpose.  Embrace and extinguish is certainly undesirable, but OSI 
doesn't want a /license/ that prevents it.

Matt Flaschen

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