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Ross Gardler ross.gardler at
Sun Aug 31 21:59:28 UTC 2008

Robin 'Roblimo' Miller wrote:
> Deepak wrote:
>> The priority is both. Maximum reuse and maximum contribution/ 
>> collaboration
>> also.
> Among new projects registered on in May of this year 
> (the most recent month for which I have figures at my fingertips), a 
> *large majority* (2116) use the GPL, with "Public Domain" (374) #2 and 
> LGPL (354) #3.
> A few more numbers:
> BSD: 228
> Apache License V2.0: 184
> MIT: 137
> Academic Free License (AFL): 131
> The rest are all in two digits, all the way down to a single, lonely 
> project that uses the (OSI-approved) Microsoft Reciprocal License.
> For maximum code compatibility with other F/OSS projects, GPL is the 
> obvious choice.

That depends on *what* you want to be compatible with and what kind of 
community you want to build around your own code.

Stats don't help a great deal in making important decisions. Most people 
have above the average number of feet, but I'm not about to start a 
company selling shoes in threes.


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