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John Cowan cowan at ccil.org
Mon Aug 25 14:34:33 UTC 2008

Ben Tilly scripsit:
> On Mon, Aug 25, 2008 at 5:32 AM, Matthew Flaschen
> <matthew.flaschen at gatech.edu> wrote:
> > John Cowan wrote:
> >> Yes, although it may be problematic to retract the rights of people who
> >> are already acting on the license.
> >
> > Also note that changing the license will be difficult if you have
> > incorporated modifications from other copyright holders.
> That is not true if you're moving from a permissive license (like the
> MIT) to the GPL.  It is true if you're moving from the GPL to a
> permissive license.

Nobody actually knows whether these things are legally true, and there
is respected legal opinion that says they are not: that any co-author
can change the licensing terms.

What is certainly true is that most communities *believe* that unanimous
consent among co-authors is required to change the license, and that
attempting to do so unilaterally will cause feelings to run very high.

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