Creative Commons

Joichi Ito joi at
Tue Aug 5 08:48:21 UTC 2008

As Chris says, we are careful to let people know that CC is for data  
and "content" not code.

As Rick says, there are some basic differences. One of the keys is  
that "exploitation" of code usual involves creating a derivative  
whereas unedited copies of "content" usually/often doesn't. Although  
"non-commercial" has many issues, it was the restriction that seemed  
to most often "trigger" the notion of exploitation/use and is in some  
ways equivalent to the derivative use test for code. I realize there  
are many differences and can easily be argued, I think the this notion  
on what "triggers" certain restrictions and rules is fundamentally  

Also, code is much more likely to involve patents and this needs to be  
dealt with and can also be used as a "stick". In documentation and  
content, the only "stick" we have is copyright.

- Joi

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