Open Source License for Excel Macros (Was: Creative Commons)

Somik Raha somik.raha at
Tue Aug 5 16:37:07 UTC 2008

Thank you all for the enlightening answers. I didn't realize that CC should
not be used for software. I think I will stick to CC for powerpoint
templates and books, and allow authors to pick their own version while
giving them a guide on what each license means. I am not sure I'd like to
insist on Open Office simply because most strategy consultants who've
created the templates have done so on Powerpoint. If such consultants don't
open source simply because they think its too much work to port their
slides, other people won't get the opportunity to port some really good work
to OpenOffice. I believe that once good material gets out in the open,
people who care about OpenOffice will port Powerpoint templates and make it
available. Perhaps there might even be an opportunity to include these
business templates inside OpenOffice (if anyone here belongs to the
OpenOffice group and is interested in working with me on this, please drop
me a note).

On another note, my other dilemma is what to do about Excel VBA macros. In
our field, consultants have developed very powerful Excel macros that help
them do their analysis. I was looking into GPL, but felt that GPL would be
incompatible with any Microsoft product. At the same time, there are some
authors who don't prefer CPL and would like their VBA code to always be
open. I wouldn't like to put a restriction on using OpenOffice for the same
reasons as the powerpoint templates. What do people suggest?

Thank you so much.

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