Licensing a python module

Michael Poole mdpoole at
Thu Apr 24 09:51:38 UTC 2008

Dan Stromberg writes:

> How hard would it be to take a GPLv2 python module and relicense it to 
> GPLv2 and something else just for my employer?  The main reason I don't 
> favor this is it sounds kind of complicated, but maybe that's just 
> because I've heard of it less.

If you are the sole copyright holder, that is very easy.  The fact
that you have released the module to some people (the general public)
under one license does not bar you from offering it to anyone else
under a different license.  I have done the very thing you ask about,
except with C code; to cover myself and my employer on questions of
propriety, I added a comment on the lineage at the start of the files
I reused.

If you want to be safe, retain a qualified lawyer to advise you on
this issue, especially on the question others have mentioned about
original ownership of the copyrights.  You could try to ask the
company's lawyers, but they owe their duty to the company, and so may
not give the answers that serve you best.

Michael Poole

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