Darwin server license

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Tue Apr 8 07:14:15 UTC 2008

Mahesh Govind wrote:

> Could you please clarify the following doubts about Darwin Streaming
> server license .
> 1)Can I use the Darwin source code for commercial purpose
> 2)If I can use it for commercial purpose ,
> Can I link the darwin libraries with my source code ?
> 3)Do I need to make my source code open source ?

The best way of answering these questions is to ask the copyright owners 
of the Darwin code.  If that doesn't produce a clear answer, or you are 
in doubt as to whether you have actually identified all the copyright 
owners, the next best thing is to ask a qualified IPR lawyer.

However, if Darwin uses an OSI approved licence, the OSI determination 
of compliance was correct, and Darwin validly applied the licenec, (1) 
should be true, (2) should be true with reservations, and (3) would 
depend on the licence terms.

David Woolley
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