Speaking of Calling Things Open Source When They Aren't...

Russ Nelson nelson at crynwr.com
Tue Apr 1 16:24:32 UTC 2008

David Dillard writes:
 > Doesn't sound like they intend it to be open source to me.  I wonder if
 > Google will allow Zoto to continue to use their code hosting service under
 > these terms?

You mean under the terms of the New BSD License?  When you license
code, the judge only looks outside the license for other things you've
said about the licensing when the terms of the license are ambiguous.
The New BSD License is pretty unambiguous, so Zoto screwed themselves.
Oops.  They're well-advised to remove their code from Google Code, but
they'd have a really hard time suing anybody for redistributing the
code under the terms of the New BSD License.

At least, that's my understanding of the law, but I may be wrong.

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