Possible OSI certification mark abuse

David K. Gasaway dave at gasaway.org
Fri Mar 23 07:02:41 UTC 2007

On 23 Mar 2007 at 2:36, Matthew Flaschen wrote:

> Here is fine.  What's the URL?

I wasn't intending to make a report just yet, but gather more 
information.  But now that you've asked, I'd hate to leave everyone 
hanging. :)


The OSI mark appears on the right.  The third paragraph is the text 
"DM2 is free for noncommercial use, under the following EULA. Source is 
released under the terms of the GPL license."  I can't make out whether 
they are trying to claim the EULA only applies to their binaries, or 
perhaps if this some pooly executed attempt at dual-licensing.  But I 
can tell you that both licenses are included with the binary releases 
as well as source releases.

I attempted to contact the developers long ago, but received no 


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