For Approval: Simple Public License (SimPL)

Richard Fontana fontana at
Fri Mar 16 05:16:10 UTC 2007

Jim Sfekas wrote:
> The SimPL has the same compatibility with other licenses as GPL, with all
> the good and bad that that entails.  It should, therefore, be compatible
> with GPL, LGPL, X11 License, etc. 

It can't be compatible with the GPL, because it has its own copyleft

> If you distribute a Derived Work, you must give back to the community by:
> - Licensing any Derived Work under the SimPL.

> The SimPL continues perpetually, except it ends automatically if:
> - A patent holder prevents you from distributing the software under the
> terms of the SimPL.

This is more restrictive than GPLv2 section 7 (on which it is presumably

(Unless you mean something nonstandard when you speak of "compatibility".)

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