Followup on Exhibit B licences

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Wed Mar 7 02:31:40 UTC 2007

Quoting Matthew Flaschen (matthew.flaschen at

> Point taken (I forgot they used that phrase), but ownership of a limited
> term copyright is not the same as owning an idea.  I consider this an
> important, though subtle, distinction.  The law doesn't say
> "intellectual property" or "piracy"; this is invented rhetoric.

Reminder:  My exact phrase was "copyright property rights".  I.e., I
did not use either of those terms to which you object, nor did I speak 
of owning an "idea".  So, I'm guessing you were having flashbacks to
other debates entirely.  Too much LDS in the 60s?  ;->

[Is impairing of commercial reuse accidental or not??]

> I'm willing to charitable, but this seems pretty blatant.  I think these
> licenses are well-(or at least long) considered, but not by the right
> people.

Speaking in a spirit of charity is, in my experience, useful regardless
of what one thinks -- where feasible.  It elevates the tone of
discussion, and averts otherwise-obligatory trotting out of everyone's
good intentions, thereby letting you move on and deal with facts that

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