For Approval: Reciprocal Public License 1.5 (upgrade)

William J. Edney bedney at
Tue Jul 24 15:07:25 UTC 2007

All -

Attached you will find a copy of the 1.5 version of the Reciprocal  
Public License. This license is an upgrade to the Reciprocal Public  
License, version 1.1, approved in Nov. of 2002 by the OSI.

As stewards of the RPL, used by multiple organizations around the  
world, we take our responsibility very seriously when it comes to  
incorporating feedback from a variety of parties as to license  
improvements. Version 1.5 incorporates a number of improvements  
suggested by both users of the license and the FSF.

Note that a previous upgrade to the RPL, version 1.3, was proposed  
back in April 2006 on this list: 

but no action has been taken thus far.

It is our intent, therefore, to submit version 1.5 which contains  
further changes for approval.

All changes between versions 1.1 and 1.3 can be found on that posting.

All changes between versions 1.3 and 1.5 can be found here:


Replaced with a more expository section defining the rationale and  
primary differences from earlier licenses.

Section 1.0:

Line 51:		Changed version number.
Line 54: 		Removed "publicly", removed "and Preamble"

Section 1.4:

Line 73:		Added "server" behind FTP

Section 1.7:

Line 81:		Moved old section 1.10 to be section 1.7.

Line 81:		Changed "the" to "any"

Section 1.9:

Line 87:		Changed "uncovered" to "not covered"

Section 1.17:

Line 128:		Changed "the" to "any"

Section 4.2:

Line 191:		Changed "Contributor's Extensions" to "Licensed Software"

Section 6.0:

Line 229:		Changed "Your Extensions" to "Licensed Software", added "or
directions on how to obtain a copy"

Section 6.1:

Line 243:		Removed ", whichever is longer", replaced last sentence with
"You may not charge a fee for any copy of the Source Code distributed  
this Section in excess of Your actual cost of duplication and  
distribution of
said copy."

Section 6.2:

Line 251:		Removed "the authors of such Modifications, , and the  
dates of
any such additions, changes or deletions". Added " without written  
of the respective Licensor or Contributor" to final sentence.

Section 6.3a:

Line 265:		Replaced "text file" with "human-readable file", replaced  
Source Code" with "Your", removed "titled "LEGAL"", replaced "LEGAL"  
"human-readable", removed "If You obtain such knowledge after You  
make any
Extensions available as described in Section 6.1, You shall promptly  
modify the
human-readable file in all copies You make available thereafter and  
shall take
other reasonable steps (such as notifying appropriate mailing lists or
newsgroups) reasonably calculated to inform those who received the  
Software from You that new knowledge has been obtained."

Section 6.3b:

Line 272:		Replaced "the LEGAL file" with "a human-readable file  
with Your distribution."

Section 6.4a:

Line 281:		Added " or instructions on how to acquire a copy".

Section 6.4b

Line 286:		Split license notice section into its own paragraph.
Line 286:		Changed "the" to "any" in reference to "the notice  
contained in"
Line 292:		Removed " (such as a relevant directory file)"

Section 6.4d:

Line 306:		Added section explaining that new EXHIBIT B, containing each
contributor's attribution information, must be duplicated into each
user-visible display of the software and at least one place in the  

Line 309:		Removed ", branding"
Line 311:		Changed "attribution beneath all preceding" to "element of  

Section 6.5:

Line 319:		Added "except as permitted under other agreements between you
and Licensor or Contributor", removed " You may also charge a nominal  
fee for
physical transfer of a copy of the Licensed Software as you received it"

Section 7.0:

Line 337:		Removed "and/or new "

Section 7.1:

Line 344:		Added language specifying that additions to EXHIBIT A or
EXHIBIT B would allow the license to continue to be referred to as  
the RPL.

Line 350:		Reworked changes section to read "alteration of a) Section  
solely to modify the legal Jurisdiction or Venue for disputes, b)  
solely to define  License Notice text, or c) to EXHIBIT B solely to  
define a
User-Visible Attribution Notice,"


Line 535:		Changed warranty notice to be LICENSOR instead of TECHNICAL


Line 542:		Added new exhibit to allow contributors to specify  
that is required to be displayed in a 'user visible' way.

As stated by Scott Shattuck, author of the RPL, at the end of the  
version 1.3 posting, any assistance that can be provided by Scott or  
myself to approve this 'even more compassionate' version of the RPL  
is available to those who may need it.


William J. Edney
bedney at

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