LGPL 2.1 + GPL 3 = problems?

Arnoud Engelfriet arnoud at engelfriet.net
Sun Jul 15 11:04:25 UTC 2007

Philippe Verdy wrote:
> Arnoud Engelfriet wrote:
> > Yes, because the LGPLv3 allows conversion of the license to GPLv3.
> > With that conversion you can comply with GPLv3 for the entire work.
> Wrong ! The LGPGL does NOT authorize the conversion of the licences covering
> other necessary components. The terms that allows such promotion are those
> found in the licences of those components.

What I meant is that you can apply the terms of the GPL to any
LGPL work instead of the LGPL terms. See LGPL 2 section 3, first sentence.

I did make a mistake in assuming that this provision was also present
in LGPL 3. It is not. LGPL 3 simply says that you can convey the software
"under the GNU GPL, with none of the additional permissions of this License
applicable to that copy." (LGPLv3 section 2b).


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