Base Perl modules with BSD software

Alex schatziegill at
Fri Jul 13 02:24:15 UTC 2007

I am writing a piece of software that I want to license as BSD. I am 
using Perl, which is licensed under both the GPL and its own Artistic 

According to the GNU website ( ) my program 
will be considered a derivative work if "the interpreter is extended to 
provide 'bindings' to other facilities". As far as I know, Perl modules 
do not fall under that category since they do not change the interpreter 
in any way.

What concerns me is a later part of the article that reads "if you 
choose to use GPL'd Perl modules or Java classes in your program, you 
must release the program in a GPL-compatible way". This makes sense for 
the 3rd modules found on CPAN and other websites, but what about the 
modules included with Perl? Could a statement as simple as "use Carp" 
force my program to be licensed under the GPL?

Thanks for your help.

-Alex Hanson

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