why is taking open-source code closed expensive?

Joseph Hick leet16y at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 7 20:51:57 UTC 2007

> > "Are copyleft licenses enforceable? We believe
> they
> > are, but there hasn't been a court test yet. There
> are
> > some promising precedents in case law pertaining
> to
> > shrink-wrap licenses"
> > 
> > if we are not sure that licenses like GPL v3 are
> > enforceable under law then how do so many
> programmers
> > take the risk of releasing their project under GPL
> > v3.? :-O
> What's the risk?  What's the worst that could
> happen?  What should
> they do instead?
> Ian

the worst that can happen is that some company would
take the software, modify it, close the source and
sell it as a product.

i would want to use a license that can be proved to be
valid in court and can save my open source product.

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