For Approval: Open Source Hardware License

Rick Moen rick at
Fri Jul 6 18:43:36 UTC 2007

Quoting Simon Phipps (Simon.Phipps at Sun.COM):

> I'm afraid the distinction between "software" and "hardware" is  
> getting harder and harder to make.

You know, there are circumstances in which I'd raise that point, too.  
However, I'd feel a bit silly raising it in circumstances where
something is described very unambiguously aas a licence specifically for
hardware _and used_ (or at least planned to be used) only for that
purpose, to a groups that certifies licences specifically for software.

(I do doubt that OSI would refuse to certify a licence actually _used_
for software, on no better grounds than it having the word "hardware" in

Nonetheless, your ability to discern shades of grey is admirable. ;->

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