Submitting GPLv3 and LGPLv3 for OSI inclusion.

Matthew Flaschen matthew.flaschen at
Mon Jul 2 20:21:44 UTC 2007

Wilson, Andrew wrote:

> This, of course, is not a provision of GPLv3 per se, but rather an
> allowed provision of the defined class of non-GPL licenses whose code may be 
> relicensed under GPLv3.

True, but the provision survives relicensing, and thus essentially
becomes part of GPLv3.

> The obvious intent here is to make Apache 2.0-type licenses GPLv3 compatible.  
> I rather doubt this opens a hole for mandatory GUI attribution licenses to become GPLv3 compatible
> because such licenses typically do not limit logo display to "about" boxes and disclaimers, and therefore fail to be Appropiate
> Legal Notices.

I was being devil's advocate.  Personally, I agree that mandatory GUI
attribution is not "reasonable attribution", but if it were GPLv3 would
certainly not comply with OSD #10.

Matt Flaschen

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