InfoWorld: Pentaho opens up further (Exhibit B to real MPL)

Matthew Flaschen matthew.flaschen at
Wed Jan 31 01:26:18 UTC 2007

Radcliffe, Mark wrote:
> Since I assisted Ross with the submission to OSI, I think the list
> should be aware that the submission was meant to get an attribution
> provision approved that would work in a variety of circumstances to
> avoid numerous licenses with slightly different "attribution"
> provisions. Our goal was to get a standard approach rather than having
> each company submit a different version of attribution (please note that
> the SugarCRM attribution provision varies from Zimbra attribution
> provision).

Yes, but what I thought was disingenuous is that GAP did not resemble
*any* of the MPL+ licenses.

> Since virtually all OSI approved licenses do not permit
> modifications, we thought that the number of licenses that would be
> effected would be small and this approach was the best for the industry.
> Clearly based on the comments, this approach does not have support. We
> are revising the attribution provision and Socialtext will be submitting
> it as part of the MPL.

They should still make it generic (i.e. not Socialtext specific), but I
do think people prefer an actual license.

> The submission will include significant additional changes to
> attribution provision to reflect the other concerns expressed on the
> list. The summary on was particularly helpful in focusing us on
> the problems with GAP and we want to thank those who contributed to it.

Thank you for attempting to address our concerns.

Matthew Flaschen

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