InfoWorld: Pentaho opens up further (Exhibit B to real MPL)

Rick Moen rick at
Tue Jan 30 17:46:41 UTC 2007

Quoting Matt Asay (mjasay at

> Thanks for calling this out.  I wasn't aware that they hadn't gone 'all the
> way' to the MPL.  I tried looking on their site, and didn't see it.  I just
> took The 451 Group's analysis of the move.

Didn't Larry L. teach you to read the fine print?  ;->

> Sorry for the (somewhat) false alarm.  I'll make a note of it on the
> InfoWorld blog.

Unfortunately, your update (today) on your blog
appears to state the facts _backwards_.

   UPDATE: I just found out that Pentaho went to an MPL+attribution

Au contraire, sir!  They _were_ on an MPL + Exhibit B "badgeware"
licence, but recently corrected that to actual MPL -- _removing_ their
Exhibit B on the Pentalo BI Suite product -- citing as their reason
"input from the development community along with our strong belief in
being true open source contributors".  Which is of course exactly
congruent with what badgeware critic Nicholas Goodman (of Pentalo) has
been saying, you may recall (

Don't take my word for it.  Download tarballs and check for yourself
(that it's now _not_ MPL + "Exhibit B", but rather real MPL).  That's
after all the best way, these days, of making sure someone isn't
misrepresenting a licence, isn't it?

And after you do, will you kindly correct today's misstatement of fact,
and cease (in effect) maligning Pentaho by lumping them with the
companies (like, well,... yours) whose licensing model they have
_stopped_ using?

Thank you.

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