delite me from your mailing list

Lawrence Rosen lrosen at
Wed Jan 24 23:32:54 UTC 2007

This whole experience concerns me on multiple levels. Why should we allow
people (other than me and my friends, of course) ever to post repeated spam
messages through some automatic script that they negligently invoke? And why
should it be so easy for malicious people (Matthew Flaschen explicitly
excepted) to unsubscribe third parties from this list? The whole thing
sounds like a massive security breach. Thank God we're not running the
Pentagon here.

Can't someone find a more sophisticated subscription and posting mechanism
than this email list?

This is getting to be less of a "delite" than it could be.


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> From: Matthew Flaschen [mailto:matthew.flaschen at]
> Sent: Wednesday, January 24, 2007 3:19 PM
> To: License Discuss
> Subject: Re: delite me from your mailing list
> I know what you mean.  I was going to suggest we just revoke his posting
> privileges and keep him subscribed.  Then I thought, too complicated,
> maybe I should just forward him a few months worth of Full Disclosure.
> That'll teach him about high traffic mailing lists...
> But in the end I just sent a message to
> at and
> he should be gone now.
> Matthew Flaschen
> Andrew C. Oliver wrote:
> > I get a kind of sick satisfaction that now whenever someone googles
> > "Christian Maletz" or "christian_maletz at" and finds this thread
> > in the public archive and they'll see that he started spamming everyone
> > on the list over and over rather than spend the 30 seconds googling for
> > the list address and unsubscribing himself and think "what an ass".
> >
> > -andy

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