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Christian Maletz christian_maletz at
Wed Jan 24 21:35:20 UTC 2007

Ben Tilly schrieb:
> On 1/22/07, Ross Mayfield <ross.mayfield at> wrote:
>> Socialtext has been monitoring the conversation and we appreciate your
>> input.  Based on our review of the discussion, it appears that beyond
>> the general concerns about attribution, the proposed provision raises
>> two issues for the group:
>> 1)  What happens if the product does not have a UI?
>> 2)  What happens if the location requirement is too specific?
> 3) What happens if the product has a UI that is too limited for your
> requirements?  For example if someone wants to deliver content to
> mobile telephones.
> 4) What happens if the product has an unexpected type of UI?  For
> instance a command line client.  Or if someone wants to create a
> specialized interface for blind people.
> 5) What happens if the UI has dramatically different rules?  For
> instance there is a 3-dimensional interface where it is very hard to
> interpret what it means to "display a logo" or to say what the size of
> a 2-dimensional logo should be.
> And so on and so forth.
> Cheers,
> Ben
>> We think that we can come up with acceptable answers to both of these
>> concerns, but we wanted to make sure that we have addressed all of the
>> major concerns. Please advise me if you have other issues.
>> Ross Mayfield

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