[Fwd: FW: For Approval: Generic Attribution Provision]

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Mon Jan 22 10:25:26 UTC 2007

Quoting Lawrence Rosen (lrosen at rosenlaw.com):

> OSD #10 was written in response to something entirely different. There were
> attempts at that time to propose licenses that mandated "click-wrap" and
> similar "I accept the license" interfaces in distributed open source
> software. Much of the community thought it was unseemly to force a specific
> method of license acceptance onto future software distribution modes,
> specifically downstream derivative works that would have to retain
> technologically obsolete or interactive code for contract formation
> purposes. The OSI Board decided to foreclose such license provisions by
> adopting OSD #10.

Thank you for clarifying.  I'm delighted to learn the correct historical

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