Strange Messages from

Philippe Verdy verdy_p at
Sat Jan 20 02:24:40 UTC 2007

From: "Chuck Swiger" <chuck at>
> [ I'd complained to amazon about a week ago, and the problem was  
> identified about two days ago. ]

But it is still not corrected, I still get autoreplies from Amazon directly to my email address.

Note that there's NO copy of the email I am supposed to have sent to them. All I have is a ticket number (hidden in the Amazon's header, and created by the Amazon's autoresponder itself), and a static text in the body, just indicating my email address, without any proof that I have sent an email to them.

When I have complained to Amazon, I did not do that through email, but only through their secure online (HTTPS:) abuse report form, and without subscribing to their service.

Until now, I have not received any response from them associated to the ticket numbers that I got from their online report form. So clearly they have a bug and are confused by spammer forgeries, stealing my email address andattempting to perform requests in my name.

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