Uses of the Artistic License?

David Woolley david at
Thu Jan 18 21:35:20 UTC 2007

> protection under copyright law, but only much more limited protection 
> under contract law. Should they win this, it would be an unfortunate 
> precedent.
> One of the things we have to file with the Court is a disclosure of 
> "interested entities".  The outcome of this case may be of interest 

Unless they are claiming some specific flaw in the Artistic Licence,
the FSF and all users of the GPL may well be interested parties, as
the GPL claims to be a pure copyright licence (even though, to me,
it also seems to use language associated with the formation of a
contract).  Even if they are not legally "interested entities", I 
could imagine that the FSF may want to help to avoid a precedent that
weakens the GPL.

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