Uses of the Artistic License?

Matthew Flaschen matthew.flaschen at
Wed Jan 17 02:22:15 UTC 2007

Ben Tilly wrote:
> Another project that comes to mind is Ruby.

It seems they're using a dual-license of the "Ruby License"
( and the GPL.  The Ruby
license is clearly based on some version of the Artistic License, though
 it is quite different from the OSI-approved version; I couldn't say
more than that.

Matthew Flaschen

> But, stupid question, would it be useful to have some of the other
> organizations that could be affected to react to this?  A precedent
> saying that the Artistic License is unenforcible would be disasterous
> for Perl (it would disallow a lot of commercial uses of Perl code),
> and I'm sure I could locate the right people to get an "official Perl
> response" to this situation.

Hopefully, this could include a friend of the court filing.

Matthew Flaschen

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