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Matthew Flaschen matthew.flaschen at gatech.edu
Thu Jan 4 08:26:04 UTC 2007

Eric Renaud wrote:
> I believe consumers of those
> projects and their derivatives benefit as well.

And moreover consumers deciding what program to use.

> Why, just look at the members of the board (who's names should be posted
> somewhere conspicuously on the OSI site
> considering their non-profit status  . . .). 

Try http://opensource.org/docs/board.php

> Even RMS (and please take no offense here, as none is intended!) enjoys
> the fruits derived from his standing in the (Free) and
> Open Source software would.  BTW - that's GNU Linux if you don't mind. ;)

He doesn't want Stallmanix, does he? ;)

> All that being said, the OSI has done an excellent job in walking the
> fine line in ensuring the benefit of using
> an OSI approved license has remained as such (a benefit) for all those
> that choose to do so.  The ideals
> of Open Participation and Open Standards are still in plain view there. 
> And until those start to fade, the OSI
> is as good as any other entity to uphold what open source is.

If people stop trusting OSI, I think it will be too late.  I hope this
doesn't happen, because I don't think any one could take up the mantle
of "Open Source".

Matthew Flaschen

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