Alfresco shifts to GPL

Mark Wielaard mark at
Fri Feb 23 09:31:35 UTC 2007

Some good news in the license consolidation (and badgeware) discussion:

        The company's free Community edition previously used the Mozilla
        Public License, but the move to GPL removes some barriers, said
        Matt Asay, Alfresco's vice president of marketing. The company's
        supported and Enterprise edition remains available under a
        commercial license.
        "We wanted the code to be bigger than the company," Asay said.
        "People basically know what (the GPL) means, so there's no time
        wasted wondering (about) MPL [and extra exhibit B clauses]."
        the company did add to the GPL license a "FLOSS exception"
        provision that permits the software to be embedded in other
        FLOSS (free/libre/open-source software) packages. With the
        exception, those other projects don't have to worry about a
        potential requirement to release their own software under the
        GPL, Asay said.

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