For Approval: GPLv3

Matthew Flaschen matthew.flaschen at
Tue Aug 28 07:56:13 UTC 2007

Chris Travers wrote:

> I would suggest that Rick might want to review the definition of
> "collected works" and look at how it would affect OSD #9 according to
> his interpretation.  Other licenses such as the Alladin Free Public
> License would not meet the OSD #9

Alladin Free Public License doesn't meet OSD #1, so this is a moot point.

> In this case, the argument is that the GPL3 forces one to create a
> collected work and then extends itself onto every piece of that
> collection.

You're confusing collective and derivative works.  GPLv3 says, basically
(in the U.S.A.), if you create a derivative work of GPLv3 software, that
entire derivative work must have source code and be (sub)licensed under
GPLv3.  What is part of the derivative work is controversial, but that's
for the courts to decide, case by case.

Matt Flaschen

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