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Sun Aug 26 19:48:38 UTC 2007

I was on the Rotor project but not party to the license creation.
That said, this clause was a deliberate attempt based on the history  
of the day (context being everything) to ensure we did not take a  
load of abuse and accusation that we were "tainting people's  
thinking" with the Rotor source publication.  It is relevant to trade  
secret law (as I possibly mistakenly recall) and not to federal  
copyright law.  It doesn't really "fit" with the rest of the license,  
but was there in support of a different issue.


On 26-Aug-07, at 8:31 AM, Donovan Hawkins wrote:

> On Sun, 26 Aug 2007, Zac Bowling wrote:
> Of course, the license you attached also says:
> "You may use any information in intangible form that you remember  
> after
> accessing the Software.  However, this right does not grant you a
> license to any of Microsoft's copyrights or patents for anything you
> might create using such information."
> Uh, so I can use what I remember, unless I can't? Gee, thanks...
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