MS-PL/GPL compatibility, was Re: For Approval: Microsoft Permissive License

Wilson, Andrew andrew.wilson at
Thu Aug 23 22:38:21 UTC 2007

Chris Travers wrote:

> In other words, when people disagree, declare them off-topic.  Blog
posts about knitting on the other hand..... 
> I thought this was a list for discussing licenses in general. The
subject has been changed to reflect the changed topic, > so what exactly
is your problem?

That is exactly my problem; or to be more precise, Alexander's
problem.  Had the subject line been changed to "I Hate FSF To Pieces"
or "Copyleft Licenses Are Communism!" it would have been
accurate, but Alexander has had nothing specific to say
about "MS-PL/GPL compatibility."  His latest posts
have wandered off into generic anti-GPL rants.

Stay on topic, or get off-list.

Andy Wilson
Intel open source technology center

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