License compatibility of MS-PL and MS-CL (Was: (RE: Groklaw's OSI item (was: When will CPAL actually be _used_?))

Nils Labugt elabu at
Thu Aug 23 22:03:54 UTC 2007

tor, 23.08.2007 kl. 16.48 -0400, skrev Matthew Flaschen:
> The only thing he said about this is "The purpose of requiring
> that source code redistributions be made only under the terms of the
> Ms-PL is to allow developers a choice of a license that will ensure
> that
> their source code will only be distributed under terms that they have
> explicitly chosen. [...] The Ms-PL provides developers a licensing
> option that ensures their code will be distributed initially and later
> under terms and conditions they have chosen and agree with."

I find it quite informative. Someone who releases source code under the
BSDL may later find the code distributed under just about any terms and
conditions. If the purpose is for the MS-PL to behave in a similar way
in that respect, then the above statement would not make sense.

Note that he does not state that the purpose is to prevent code
initially released under different terms and conditions from later being
distributed under the MS-PL.

Nils Labugt

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