MS-PL/GPL compatibility, was Re: For Approval: Microsoft Permissive License

Matthew Flaschen matthew.flaschen at
Thu Aug 23 20:19:31 UTC 2007

Chris Travers wrote:

> Or are you reading
> this to say that the work as a whole containing MS-PL code must be licensed
> as a whole under the MS-PL?

Well, I read it as saying (among other things) if there is a license for
a work as the whole in source code form, that license must be MS-PL.

> The GPL v3 also allows for reasonable legal notices to be included, so the
> requirement that source code be identified as being still under the MS-PL
> does not seem to be a problem.

No, obviously not.  The problem is that it requires being identified as
/only/ under the MS-PL.

Matt Flaschen

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