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My colleague Jon Rosenberg is out on vacation for a couple of weeks. Sorry it's taken a few of days to pick up this thread. In his stead I'd like to respond:

Our intention in designing the MS-PL is most clearly understood by thinking about how a developer may want to make source code they developed available to their users (i.e. other developers etc).  A design goal of the MS-PL is to allow developers to choose to ensure that the specific rights in Section (2) continue to be available to downstream developers and users through generations of adoption and adaptation.

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Nils Labugt wrote:
> I would read "only under this license" as "under this license and not
> under any other license".
That is an odd reading of a license that doesn't require, say, the distribution of source code at all (as noted by the conditional).  That seems to suggest that binary-only distributions with standard EULA's are acceptable forms of distribution...

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