For Approval: Microsoft Permissive License

Rick Moen rick at
Fri Aug 17 17:09:32 UTC 2007

Quoting Chris Travers (chris at

> Why should we hold Microsoft's position against the GPL against it, when 
> we do not hold attacks by RMS against the BSD licenses against them when 
> approving the GPL v3?

Please cite instances of "attacks by RMS against the BSD licenses".  One
URL at which same can be read would suffice.

The only critique by Richard against a BSD licence is his pointing out
the long-ago "obnoxious advertising clause" creating accumulating problems
in deriviative works, especially in a commercial context, and creating
mostly gratuituous compatibility problems.  Even that cannot be fairly
characterised as an "attack" against old-BSD, but rather deploring some 
side-effects of that one clause.  E.g.:

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