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Chris Travers chris at
Fri Aug 17 00:10:16 UTC 2007

Hi Ben;

Your reading is somewhat different than mine (my reading is simply that 
"the GPL v3 is confused and confusing and is probably not clear on much 
of anything").

 One of the serious issues we have in one of my projects is that some of 
the developers are building POS terminal code that runs on systems with 
small touch-screen displays.  This means no menus, a minimum of 
interactive options, etc.  Screen real estate is at a premium and there 
does not appear to be a possibility to add notices which comply with a 
strict reading of the definition in section 0.  In other words, notices 
may be prominent (same font size as everything else), or convenient 
(printed to, say, standard output) but cannot be both.

The intent of the GPL v3 under section 0 does not appear to be the 
requirement of a notice at the expense of usability (hence the 
convenience requirement).  So it would seem to preclude use in something 
that accepts user input but offers no convenient method of displaying 
such notices.

A similar but more extreme example might be:  GPL v3 code in a 
media-playing PC app.  It accepts input from a remote control and 
displays song data on a small alphanumeric lcd.  This would be 
interactive by most definitions.  Yet, displaying the required notices 
on that aphanumeric lcd would be extremely inconvenient and would 
therefore not meet the terms of the license.  Am I missing something?  
Anyway the problem we are having is similar in the sense of limited 
information throughput even if the throughput is not quite as limited.

Are either of these consistent with either the wording or intent of the 
GPL v3?

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers
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