what *is* the approval process?

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Fri Aug 3 18:42:28 UTC 2007

Russ Nelson <nelson <at> crynwr.com> writes:

> Luis Villa writes:
>  > I assume this has been proposed and shot down before, but just in
>  > case, I'd strongly suggest that this particular problem be solved by
>  > forcing this list to stay on topic and moving the off-topic chatter
>  > elsewhere, rather than by admitting failure on the signal-noise
>  > problem and relying on specific subject headers.
> Been tried, didn't work; current system works.

In light or Mr. Terekhov turning this list into gnu.misc.discuss [1] over the
past couple of days, and flooding it the way he did with debian-legal, when he
did his performance act there a little while ago, I'd be interested to know:

 what it would take to try one more time, with a vengeance?

dalibor topic

[1] I believe his major achievement there is a 600+ messages thread on GPLv3,
the evilness of FSF and who knows what.

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