GPLv3, again Re: what *is* the approval process? [was Re: License Committee Report for July 2007]

Luis Villa luis at
Wed Aug 1 14:47:56 UTC 2007

On 8/1/07, Luis Villa <luis at> wrote:
> On 8/1/07, Ernest Prabhakar <ernest.prabhakar at> wrote:
> > So, how about you, Luis? Are you willing to go on record saying that
> > GPL3 is point-by-point compatible with the OSD?
> (1) I'm not a lawyer, which the rules seem to require. (Just a law student.)
> (2) At least one lawyer has already gone on the record doing so, so if
> the requirement is 'be on the record', and not 'point by point
> analysis', then we're already good to go.
> (3) I've already got such an analysis written (informal, IANAL,
> IANFSF, IANSFLC, yadda, yadda), but I decided not to post it in hopes
> we could all agree with Larry and Rick's one-line assessments and move
> on quickly with our lives.

On re-reading, this was unnecessarily combative in tone; I apologize
for that. The offer stands to publish the analysis with appropriate
disclaimers, but I do think we'd all be better served if we just
skipped the discussion altogether.


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