Creative Commons style open source licenses?

Arnoud Engelfriet arnoud at
Sun Apr 22 10:44:44 UTC 2007

John Cowan wrote:
> That worked for CC because it was a greenfield situation: there were
> no open licenses for general content, and they could create a license
> templating system from scratch (although drawing on the FLOSS licenses
> to tell them what options made sense).  Such was not the case when the
> OSI was founded.  Attempting to replace the existing dominant licenses
> with new ones at this point would be quixotic.

One thing OSI could do is present a categorization like CC has
created for open source licenses. Right now the list of "popular
and widely used licenses" is a mere list. 

For example, subheadings with "no copyleft", "weak copyleft" and 
"strong copyleft" would be easy to insert and would be very helpful.


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