For Approval: Educational Community License 1.0

Matthew Flaschen matthew.flaschen at
Sat Apr 21 19:35:30 UTC 2007

Grant Robertson wrote:
> Do all you people know that Creative Commons is currently gearing up
> to develop a similar license which they call CC Learn?

It looks like this is is more of a "framework" than an actual license.
More importantly, this is a license meant for online educational content
(like an online textbook).  Educational Community License 2.0 is, like
Apache 2.0, a software license.  Creative Commons has said for a long time:

"Creative Commons licenses are not intended to apply to software. They
should not be used for software. We strongly encourage you to use one of
the very good software licenses available today. The licenses made
available by the Free Software Foundation or listed at the Open Source
Initiative should be considered by you if you are licensing software or
software documentation."

> Since the other Creative
> Commons licenses have become so popular, this might be a way for the
> Educational Community License to become just as popular.

Most Creative Commons licenses do not comply with the Open Source
Definition, and none are approved by OSI.  There is no reason we should
want them to get popular.

Matt Flaschen

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