Crafting a special kind of license for a very special standard.

Grant Robertson grantsr at
Sat Apr 14 03:57:10 UTC 2007

None of you know me. My name is Grant Robertson. I am not a developer,
open-source or otherwise. However, I have been a network manager for
quite some time and am currently a "very late returning" computer
science student. I have invented a standard for marking up educational
material and a system for distributing this material throughout the
world to anything from desktops to handhelds and even personal music
players. I believe this standard will revolution education throughout
the world. In order to guarantee that the world gets to use the
standard, it must be protected by a strong and thorough license
I need your help. I have never invented a standard before. I have
never written a license agreement before. Before last week I had never
created a web site before. But I have now created a web site
describing the goals of the standard and my goals for the license
agreement. I would really appreciate it if some of you could take a
look at the site and provide feedback to me as to the best direction
to take in order to best protect this standard for the good of all. 
I understand that many of you will decline to go to a web site posted
by a completely unknown person. This is the exact advice I have given
my customers and friends for years. Hopefully a few of you will be
brave enough to take a look and vouch for my honesty to the others. 
I really want the assistance from as many in the open-source community
as possible so that I can guarantee that the license will both protect
the standard and promote the development of a new family of
open-source software. The home page can be found at
and the page about licensing issues can be found at I am currently using a free
hosting service which inserts popup-ads. Simply disable JavaScript
before going to the site and you will never have to look at the darn
Again, I appreciate all the helpful advice I can get. 
Thank you
Grant S. Robertson
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