GPLv3 Drafting Soliticitation

Andrew C. Oliver acoliver at
Sat Apr 14 00:39:19 UTC 2007

You're honestly going to submit a word document to the free software 

John Koenig wrote:
> I am soliciting private feedback on a version the GPLv3 draft that I will
> soon be submitting to the FSF.  Over the past 20 hours of work on this
> attachment, I have tried to avoid substantive legal changes to the GPLv3,
> attempting primarily to create a more well-drafted document. Whether or not
> one agrees with the GPL is incidental at the moment.  I believe that GPLv3
> is going to be broadly adopted and this is simply my effort to achieve a
> more useful document.
> Of course anyone is free to comment directly to the FSF.  However, I found
> their automated commenting system too difficult to use.
> Your feedback is welcome.
> John C. Koenig, Esq.
> (650) 726 7775
> john at
> GPLv3 March 28 2007 - John Koenig Edits.doc 

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